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Paul Gross


Production Companies

  • Rhombus Media
  • Bron Creative
  • Buffalo Gal Pictures
  • International Traders
  • Triple 7 Films
  • Whizbang Films


  • Samuel Goldwyn Films (2016) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Ascot Elite Entertainment Group (2015) (Germany) (all media)
  • Elevation Pictures (2015) (Canada) (all media)
  • Falcon Films (2016) (Lebanon) (all media) (Middle East)


Depicting an embattled Canadian-American initiative to increase safe transport across Afghanistan, Hyena Road is a group portrait of men and women at work in a dangerous and often confounding conflict zone. Struggling to complete construction on a crucial highway link while weathering Taliban attacks, the film takes an up-close look at modern warfare via a disparate band of soliders encountering the moral uncertainty of war.  Alternating between relatively tranquil scenes of life at the base and adrenalized sequences that thrust us into the heat of battle, the film looks at the highs and lows, the brotherhood and barbarity of war.