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CONSIDERING LOVE & OTHER MAGIC Official Trailer (2017) Eric McCormack Family Drama Movie HD




Dave Schultz


Production Company

  • Buffalo Gal Pictures
  • Interstate 80 Entertainment


  • Northern Banner Releasing (Canada)
  • Attraction Distribution (International Sales)


Fact and fiction collide when troubled teenager Jessie Wilson arrives at the home of Pulitzer Prize winning novelist Veronica Guest, the long forgotten literary darling of 1948 and close confidant to the very late Truman Capote. In desperate need of extra high school credits Jessie agrees to tutor young Tommy Faber in science and math, but when the timid 14-year-old insists he hasn’t left Veronica’s mansion in more than half a century, Jessie knows she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Tommy is convinced he’s a work of fiction, a make believe boy magically conjured from the pages of a short story that first appeared in 1952. Jessie is keen to understand Tommy’s reclusive nature and meet his mysterious uncle, the elusive dime novel detective Jasper Diamond. As the mansion’s dusty secrets come to light, Jessie is convinced she can make Tommy a real boy.

The lesson is life and the magic is friendship.

You can hide from the world, but not for long. Sooner or later, you have to step out into the sunshine.