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The Forbidden Room | Trailer | NYFF53




Guy Maddin & Evan Johnson


Production Companies

  • Phi Films  
  • Buffalo Gal Pictures
  • Kidam (line producer)


  • Canada 
    • Mongrel Media  
  • International Sales
    • Mongrel International
    • Phi Films
  • USA - Kino Lorber
  • UK - Soda Pictures
  • France - ED Distribution


Described variously as "a mind-melting opus" "a wild ride" and "a pastiche of hallucinatory fantasia", Guy Maddin's "The Forbidden Room" was inspired by titles of old films that have either been lost or were never made.  Here they are combined into more than 18 different narratives that bounce off and segue into one another in startling, ofen unexpected ways.  An instructive educational film on bathing, a submarine on the brink of disaster helmed by a captain gone mad, a heroic surgeon and a murdered butler who still manages to perform his duties - all combine in a head-spinning film that defies the laws of conventional narrative structure and delivers a wonderful, madcap, witty bit of audacious filmmaking that invites audiences to be part of an intense cinematic experience like no other.