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The Pinkertons - Series Trailer


2014 to 2015


Norma Bailey
Jeff Beesley
Michael DeCarlo
Paul Fox
Don McCutcheon
Douglas Mitchell
Gary Yates


Production Companies

  • Buffalo Gal Pictures
  • Rosetta Media


  • Drama (2015) (UK) (TV)
  • Rohrs Media Group (2014) (Canada) (TV)
  • WOWOW Prime (2015) (Japan) (TV)


Long before the FBI and the Secret Service, the Pinker­ton’s National Detective Agency was the most feared law enforcement organization in the land. Experts of undercover operative and masters of disguise, no one ever saw them coming. Set in a young America still reeling from the Civil War, The Pinkertons is an action-adventure detective series that follows Allan Pinkerton, his son William, and America’s first female detective Kate Warne, as they solve crimes throughout the “Wild West” of the 1860s.