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Gone: Finding Faith, 2018 (trailer versão original)




Jeff Beesley


Cristina Rosato
Jesse Hutch
Al Sapienza
Kyle Cassie

Production Companies
3 Brane Entertainment
Buffalo Gal Pictures

Executive Producers
Pierre-Andre Rochat
Jon Sereda
Phyllis Laing
Devan Towers

Nastasha Baron
W. Corr Pearce
Jeff Beesley
Lisa Cichelly


When social worker Ashley hears from the daughter she was forced to give up for adoption at birth, she returns to her small hometown only to find that the girl has vanished.  The ensuing investigation brings Ashley into contact with both her ex-boyfriend – local sherriff and now potential senator, Jake - as well as his brother Scott, who long ago harboured a teenage crush on Ashley.  As Jake helps Ashley search for her daughter and they are brought closer together, old secrets surface and old resentments flare up, leading to a life-or-death struggle in which Ashley must save the daughter she has just begun to know.