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Justin Kelly


STARRING: Kristen Stewart, Laura Dern, Jim Sturgess, Diane Kruger


PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Fortitude International, The Fyzz Facility Film One, Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc, Crosby Street Films, LBI Entertainment, Sobini Films, Thirty Three Management


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Tyler Boehm, Nadine DeBarros, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Margot Hand, Jere Hausfater, Robert Jones, Phyllis Laing, Devan Towers, Jed Root, Cami Winikoff


PRODUCERS: Cassian Elwes, Mark Amin, Jeff Beesley, David Hansen, Thor Bradwell, Patrick Walmsley, Julie Yorn, Gary Pearl, Giri Tharan, 



Based on Savannah Knoop's "Girl Boy Girl: How I Became JT Leroy", this captivating true story goes behind-the-scenes of the greatest literary ‘hoax’ of a generation. When a young woman pretends to be a celebrated bestselling male author, she and the woman who writes his books embark on an unbelievably bizarre and wild ride of leading double lives while duping the literary community, the fashion world, and the Hollywood elite.