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Sean Penn


Dylan Penn

Sean Penn

Josh Brolin

Norbert Leo Butz

Dale Dickey

Eddie Marsan

Bailey Noble

Hopper Jack Penn

Kathryn Winnick


Based on a true story filled with humor and heartbreak, FLAG DAY follows Jennifer Vogel across two decades as she comes of age while navigating a fraught relationship with her beloved father, the con man John Vogel. Young Jennifer’s life on the idyllic prairies of Minnesota is upended when John abandons the family. Growing into a rebellious teenager and finding life with her mother unbearable, Jennifer sets out to reconnect with John and discovers a newfound sense of purpose. Soon rattled by the truth of her dad’s dangerous double life, she cuts ties and heads West to escape from the painful influence of her family. When she later returns to begin working toward a career in journalism and a life of her own, John re-emerges with a promise to rebuild their relationship. As his dark secrets again simmer to the surface in an explosive and unexpected way, Jennifer is left to find personal freedom out of the shadows of her father’s past.