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Eligio, a womanizing, fun-loving, charismatic, impulsive and completely irresponsible young man, wakes up one day to find that his wife, Susana, has left him without an explanation or clue of her whereabouts.

Eligio - Gael García Bernal - (No, The Motorcycle Diaries, Babel) looks for her desperately all over their native Mexico City to no avail. A few months later he finds out that she is in an international writers program at a university in the Midwest. He follows her there. It is fall when he gets there. She has gotten involved with a Polish writer from the program, but she breaks off the relationship when Eligio gets there. He is furious that she has cheated on him, but after some intense arguments they reconcile and re-evaluate their relationship. Soon enough Eligio falls into his old behaviour and Susana leaves during the first snow storm. Eligio finds out she's in Chicago and follows her there, driving right through the storm. He finds her with the Pole, only to realize there's no way to retain her (to control her), be it by charm or force. She vanishes once again. Still, Eligio drives across the country looking for her, until he realizes how futile his obsession is. He returns to Mexico City and straightens his life. He eases up on the drinking, takes a more serious job, and eventually Susana returns to see if they can somehow rebuild their relationship.