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We have developed and produced many challenging and diverse projects by creating collaborative relationships with creative talent and building successful co-production partnerships.

Insidious Pictures

Insidious Pictures is a Winnipeg-based company that aims to put the horror back in "horror movie" - to make movies that are entertaining, innovative and frightening. These are the scary movies people talk about, blog about, recommend to their friends, and watch over and over again just for the thrill of it. The company will be seeking out the most thrilling and original terror tales it can find, and putting them on screen with ferocious, uncompromising intelligence.

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Kistikan Pictures

Kistikan Pictures is a company created by Tina Keeper and Buffalo Gal Pictures to produce Aboriginal film and television projects. Kistikan Pictures will incorporate the best business, technical and creative knowledge of both companies to create dynamic, innovative Indigenous filmmaking. Kistikan has the opportunity to develop projects with the best Indigenous talent for works in documentary, dramatic feature, short film and television. Mentorship in both creative and technical development is also a key element for the vision of Kistikan Pictures.

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Opus Visual Effects

Opus is a leading visual effects company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With over a decade of experience, the Opus team has been instrumental in the realization of numerous CG effects in projects ranging from large Hollywood productions to independent films and TV miniseries. Specializing in 3D animation, digital compositing, green screen integration, SFX animation/particle work, pre-visualization and stereoscopic, our highly qualified team will bring your vision to life on time and on budget.

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Tangent Animation

Animation production is demanding and requires innovative creative teams, brilliant production engineering and sophisticated business affairs to ensure top quality projects are delivered on time and on budget. Tangent Animation has offices in Toronto and Winnipeg and employs an adaptive production model to optimize talent and tax credits to deliver projects successfully, achieving both artistic and financial goals by providing a compelling solution to creative challenges.

Tangent Animation is proud to announce the launch of production on its latest animated feature, “Run Ozzy Run”, a co-production between Tangent Animation in Canada and Capitan Arana, Acradia Motion Pictures, and Pachacamac Films in Spain.

Slated for release in the second quarter of 2016, design and concept work has begun in Spain while the 3D production for the film has commenced in Tangent’s Production Offices in Winnipeg and Toronto.

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